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People Finder Online User Guide


Looking for Department Information

The results of a department search include the department's name, physical location and delivery address.

Enter a complete or partial department name. DO NOT include punctuation in your search. (You cannot search on name and department at the same time.) Click < FIND >.

  • If you enter a partial department name, the results will include a list of departments and sub-offices that contain the string of letters used in the search.
  • The maximum number of departments that will return as a result of your search is 100. If the department you are looking for is not included in the list of 100, expand your search criteria and search again.
  • If the results of the search include more than one department, the department names and/or sub-offices will appear in a LIST that includes the department phone number. Click < VIEW > next to a department name to access additional information.

Changing Department Information

For changes to department information, contact the directory responsible person for your department.

Finding a Directory Responsible Person (DRP)

The names of directory responsible people are displayed with department information. To find the DRP for a specific department, perform a search on that department.