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People Finder Online User Guide



The ability to view limited information from Vanderbilt's People Finder database is available to anyone who has Internet access. Access to restricted information and the ability to edit directory information is granted only to users within the Vanderbilt community with a valid VUnetID and e-password.

Logging In

To view restricted information or edit information, use the Login fields at the top of the page to enter your VUnetID and e-password. Click < GO >. The message "Currently logged in as" at the top of the page indicates a successful log in.

VUnetID Information

A VUnetID is used to identify you to Vanderbilt's online resources. You will have the same VUnetID for as long as you remain a student or employee of Vanderbilt. If you do not have a VUnetID, click here.

E-Password Information

The e-password (enhanced security password) is the most secure way of identifying you to online services at Vanderbilt. Enhanced security requirements of e-password help ensure that only you have access to your information and services. If you do not have an e-password, click here.

Logging Out

To maintain the highest level of security, it is important to log out after viewing secured information or updating contact data. To log out of the directory, click < LOGOUT > at the top of the page or simply exit your browser. As a security feature, automatic logout will occur after 15 minutes of inactivity.